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The Structures of Parkside:An architectural description and approximate year built for every home in the Olmsted designed portion of Buffalo's Parkside neighborhood. Hundreds of page scans provide some history for most of the houses in Parkside.
The Houston Comeback Game:20 years to the day after the Bills mounted the greatest comeback in NFL History, we offer the comeback portion of the Buffalo Bills/Houston Oilers AFC Wildcard Game from January, 1993. Listen to one of Van Miller's finest performances, calling the action from his perch at Rich Stadium.
Buffalo in the late 70s/Early 80s:400 photographs from the era when Buffalonians needed to be reminded to be Talking Proud, and billboards asked the last person leaving Buffalo to turn out the lights. A reminder of what our city looked like as it hit rock bottom, and a look at some of the treasures lost as we tried to build our way back up.
Buffalo Courier-Express-The Final Edition:Posted on the 30th anniversary of the last paper from Buffalo's fabled morning paper. The full pages of the September 19, 1982 paper tell the story of the newspaper, and the story of its presses going cold.
Bowtied Buffalo: The Steve Cichon Blog:Steve Cichon is a bow tie wearing Buffalonian. He's an author, publisher, historian, journalist, husband and city home owner. He has fat fingers, an absurd sense of humor, and vivid if not sharp memories of most of his life's experiences. He believes most people are good, but too many are just too physically and intellectually lazy to be good. He lives on hamburgers, black coffee, and chocolate. About most of these things he writes here.
Kodachrome Buffalo: 1950s Downtown in Color:Dozens of beautiful photos showing downtown, areas along the Blackrock Canal that have been replaced with the 190, and photos of a neighborhood devastated by the building of the 33 Expressway... and even some shots from "out in the country." These photos are mostly from 1957 & 1958.
Mound in the Meadow- Buffalo's Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers: 300 Union soldiers died during the harsh Buffalo winter of 1812 as they waited to invade Canada. Those soldiers are buried in a mass, virtually unmarked grave in the middle of the Delaware park Golf Course. It's an incredible story too few people know about.
Buffalo Snapshots:WE NEED YOUR BUFFALO 'STUFF'!! We are collecting the photos, audio and video that tell Buffalo's story, so that we can better tell that story here on staffannouncer.com and with all of our other projects... As we pay homage to Buffalo's past, but look to the future!.
NEW! Good Ol'Max the Dog, 2001-2011: Steve Cichon's memories of the life and times of his faithful canine companion. Filled with photos and the great stories and the sad end of it all.
NEW! Made in Buffalo, 1951: A look at Buffalo at the height of its industrial might, from the pages of a July 1951 Fortune Magazine cover story. Over two dozen photos inside WNY's factories.
NEW! The Old Roman Mass: Here is a 1950's St Joseph's Missal for Children, the standby for any good Catholic boy or girl growing up in the 50s & 60s. Great illustrations, and break downs of the old pre-Vatican II Catholic mass, complete with Latin responses.
NEW! 107.7 WNSA & The Sharpshooters: Listen to clips from one of the best radio shows to ever grace the airwaves of Buffalo Radio.... starring Mike Robitaille, the late Jim Kelley, Mike Schopp, and Howard Simon. Hours of listening as well as some classic photos from Buffalo's FM sports talk station.
NEW! Ted Darling Recaps the 1975 Sabres Season: Celebrating the Sabres 40th anniversary with a classic broadcast, as the original Voice of the Sabres recounts one of the teams great seasons... The 1974-75 Buffalo Sabres Stanley Cup run, complete with extended Darling and Jeanneret highlights.
NEW! The Glory Days of Buffalo Retailing: A quick taste of the twice sold-out talk at Forest Lawn Cemetary on retail... Photos, Jingles, and links to more right here!
The Real Steve Cichon 1951-2010: Your webmaster's photo and story filled memories of his father, written in the months following his death on Palm Sunday 2010. It’s the story of my dad’s last week on this planet, and the story of his life on this planet, and, mostly, the 32 years he spent on this planet as Dad to me, my brother, ans sister.
STAN JASINSKI on WKBW: A very early recording of Buffalo's undisputed King of Polka Radio from Christmas 1954. Hear Stan work sponsor "Lucki-Urban"into a Polish version of Jingle Bells!
WKBW: The sights and sounds of one of Buffalo's (and America's!) great radio stations. Audio snapshots of the station in the 50s, 60s, and 70s... and photo snapshots as well.
CRYSTAL BEACH: See the sites and hear the sounds of Crystal Beach from the 40s through the 80s. See TV commercials, hear radio jingles, look at over 100 snapshots from the park!!
WYSL Record Charts: A collection of over 50 WYSL/WPhD Record charts as handed out by the station in the 70s. The best part: Each Chart features a WYSL jock like Kevin O'Connell, Larry Norton, or John Piccillo (plus scads more) all in their 70s glory!
WBEN 1973: Hear Clint Buehlman, Van Miller and the Buffalo Braves... ENTIRE DAYS worth of WBEN in 1973, recently digitally remastered from station logger tapes unheard since the day they were recorded!
Buffalo Postcards: Well over 600 Buffalo Postcards, from the 1860s through the 1980s. See Downtown, The Olmsted Parks, the Zoo, Swank Delaware Avenue, Buffalo Harbor, and hundreds of others...
The Uncle Bobby Show Page: The World's Most Complete Tribute to the late, great Uncle Bobby Ash, including the Bimbo the Birthday Clown Song!
Larry Glick! Pictures and Sounds with WBZ's Overnight Maven of Yesteryear.. the Great Larry Glick!
Channel Four's Santa Show: A page dedicated to Channel 4's Santa's Workshop Show... An All Time Buffalo Classic, remembered by just about anyone who grew up in the 50s, 60s, or 70s!
Christmas in Buffalo 1954: Ads and ephemera taken from the pages of December 1954 editions of the Courier Express and Evening News.
Mr. Dressup: Remembering Canada's Greatest Kid Show Host... Ernie "Mr. Dressup" Coombs.
Irv, Rick, and Tom: A multimedia presentation on the Eyewitness News Team of Irv Weinstein, Rick Azar, and Tom Jolls.
Buffalo Radio '89: Don Postles and Channel 2 cameras visited Buffalo's Top-Rated Radio morning shows back in 1989.... WBEN, WPHD, WMJQ, WGRF, WHTT.
Its Midnight: The Tom Connolly Experience: Tom is WBEN Radio's overnight mystery man, famous all across the Niagara Frontier for his hourly time checks heading into CBS News... It's midnight.
The Milt Ellis Jukebox: The late Milt Ellis was the PA voice of the Buffalo Sabres for the teams first 28 years. On this page you'll find all sorts of classic "Game Presentation" audio, like Milt's famous understated goal announcements, Tenor Joe Byron signing thr National Anthem, and Norm Wullen on the organ; Many of these unheard since the Aud closed it doors!
WBEN at 75!: Check out the dozens of pictures, sounds, and stories of one of Buffalo's great radio stations... With this 75th Anniversary tribute to WBEN!
Buffalo Anchorman: A Tribute to Buffalo TV in the 70s Buffalo Anchorman is a look at the mustache and paisley filled era of Buffalo Television known as the 70s and early 80s. If you enjoyed Wil Ferrell's hit movie ANCHORMAN, you'll love the real life look back at Buffalo TV.
the 1986 KB Radio Reunion: Pictures and memories from the the 1986 KB Reunion Weekend, celebrating Danny Neaverth's 25 years at WKBW.
The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid The NBC Project Peacock Movie starring Buffalo Radio and TV personality Jim Brinson as the Evil Pat Robbins.
The Legend of Haseoke! At a long gone Buffalo Radio station, Mike Schopp and producer Steve Cichon found a box of dusty old tapes in the backroom. After listening to a few, they knew they had a hit on their hands. HASEOKE... as heard on the radio... Available only here... At staffannouncer.com!
Hold the Phone: The John Otto Page The Dean of Talk Radio in Buffalo, John made nights a little less lonely for WNYers for 40 years.
The Many Faces of Ed Little Ed Little was a staple on Buffalo radio for over 60 years... From his time as a Child actor, to his live broadcasts from the Town Casino, to his 4 decades as in the news business.
The Plush, Yet Not Overly Ostentatious Norm Nathan Page: after decades as one of Boston's preeminent jazz disc jockeys, Norm was re-born late in his career as the overnight talkshow host on 50,000 watt giant WBZ. He always kept the conversation light, and kept us company weekend overnights.
Blizzard of '77 WBEN-TV Complete Newscast 1/31/77 :on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel:John Corbett, Chuck Lampkin, Chuck Healy, and Kevin O'Connell on WBEN Channel 4's First Team News. Video of the aftermath of the Blizzard of '77. Also great commercials for Super Duper (with Joey) and Your Host with Bob Wells. Also, reporters Ray Finch, Ron Arnold, Jim Peppard, Sheela Allen, Allen Costantini, and Kevin had Weather with a Beat, and a great, long mocked WBEN... all about YOU! spot as well.
WBEN-TV's Dick Rifenburg at Batavia Downs staffannouncer.com:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: Channel 4's Dick Rifenburg interviews 16 year old harness racing driver Cindy Starks at Batavia Downs. Circa 1975ish.
Mayor Jimmy Griffin- a 5 part series, 1985:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: the late WIVB Anchor Bob Koop's 5 part series on the Mayor from 1985 as he sought a third term in office. James D Griffin explains his stances and answers his critics. A well-produced well-balanced piece about the mayor at the height of his power in the city.
Msgr Leo Toomey 1966 Golden Jubilee:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: St. Teresa's Church on Seneca St in South Buffalo was home to "The Bishop of South Buffalo," Msgr. Leo Toomey, longtime pastor and wonderful loving man.
Mayor Sedita and Winnie the Pooh:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: 1966 video, of Buffalo Mayor Frank Sedita (the current DA's grandfather) visiting with Winnie the Pooh in front of City Hall.
Van Miller & Curly Neal 1989:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: Its videos like this that reinforce the notion that Van Miller is the greatest broadcaster in the history of Buffalo radio and TV. Here An entertainer above all else, here Van does some basketball tricks with Curly Neal of the Harlem Globetrotters.
Barry Lillis WGR-TV 1976:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: Barry Lillis' weather forecast takes you around downtown Buffalo and out to the airport, and offers up a healthy serving of Barry's zaniness as well. Rich Kellman is at the Channel 2 newsdesk.
Irv Weinstein and Danny Neaverth:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: April Fools 1981: Irv takes over Danny's show on WKBW Radio at 695 Delaware Avenue. Great video of Irv at the Channel 7 anchor desk as well, and quick shots of Sattlers at 998 Broadway.
WGR's John Otto Remembered:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: The Dean of Talk Radio in Buffalo, John Otto, died in December 1999. WIVB's Marie Rice takes you inside WGR Radio where broadcasters like Tom Bauerle, Clip Smith, and Dan Neaverth are remembering "John, John, your operator on..."
Ed Little WBNY 1966:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: a 1997 video clip of Ed Little using his classic line whenever something went wrong at the station... And then a 1966 audio clip of WBNY-FM 96.1 Program Director and Disc Jockey Ed Little as the station signed on. You also hear from Mayor Frank Sedita. .
WKBW's War of the Worlds 1971:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel:WKBW Radio's 1971 adaptation of War of the Worlds, starring Jack Armstrong, Jeff Kaye, Joe Downey, Jim Fagan, Henry Brach, Jim Lancer, and Irv Weinstein.
Buffalo Braves vs Celtics- staffannouncer.com at the Aud:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: 1972-73 Buffalo Braves vs Boston Celtics NBA action from Buffalo's Memorial Auditorium. The Braves starring Bob McAdoo, Randy Smith and Bob Kauffman.
The Fantasy Island Fun Wow Commercial:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: iconic Fantasy Island "Fun?... Wow!" tv commercial as it aired in 1978... Giving rise to the quintissential saracastic response of a generation of WNYers.
Stan Barron Remembered:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: WIVB-TV Reporter Rick Pfeiffer reports on the death of his friend, WBEN Sports Director Stan Barron. WBEN sports legends Ralph Hubbell, Dick Rifenburg, Chuck Healy and Van Miller remember Buffalo's favorite good sport.
Red Cashion and Jack Buck... First Down!:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: CBS Radio sports coverage of Monday Night Football with Jack Buck... excitedly waiting for NFL referee Red Cashion's First Dooooown! call. As aired on WBEN Radio in Buffalo. I really can't believe Red's awesome call isn't anywhere else on the net!
The Parkside Community Association: The Future:a staffannouncer.com produced video on how the Parkside Community Association (PCA) and the residents of Parkside keep one of Buffalo's great neighborhoods going strong!.
Another beautiful morning in the Cichon backyard aviary:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: Birdsong, just before 7am, in our serene backyard in Parkside, Buffalo, NY, USA.
This Old House Cichon Edition 1999-2012:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: Here is a then and now video showing the renovations in our 1909 EB Green home in the Olmsted designed Parkside neighborhood of Buffalo, NY. Photos shot between 1999-2012.
Tony the Barber on Snow April, 2012:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: Tony the Barber, the Mayor of Seneca Street and a wonderful man, and a South Buffalo Institution, talks about snow and haircutting.
The Gramps File: An Extra Pierog...:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: Gramps talks about how his mother bribed him with an extra pierog, how she fried her pierogi in lard, the wood/coal stove she cooked on... And how he marveled at the one house on the block with electricity. Gramps grew up in Buffalo's Valley neighborhood in the 1920s and 30s.. a few blocks away from what is now "The Larkin District."
The Gramps Files: The Broadway Market:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: Gramps talks about the Broadway Market, Sattlers, and duck blood soup---czarnina. Gramps grew up in Buffalo's Valley neighborhood in the 1920s and 30s.. a few blocks away from what is now "The Larkin District."
John Facenda Outtakes:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: The great voice of NFL films flubs with the best of 'em.
Buffalo's Tomb of the Unknowns: The NEW Mound in the Meadow Memorial:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: 300 American soldiers from the War of 1812 are (still) buried below the Delaware Park Golf Course. We are raising money for a new stone memorial for these men who gave the ultimate sacrifice serving our country and died in the midst of cold Buffalo winter. For more information on the men who gave their lives, and how you can give in their memory at http://www.staffannouncer.com/meadow.htm
Danny Neaverth... Nearly Noon WGRZ-TV:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: The final Nearly Noon program on WGRZ-TV; from December, 1988. Les Trent is the news anchor, Bernice Golden is the guest, and there are highlights with Ed Caldwell. Also: Regis & Kathie Lee promo, Ed Kilgore, Wes Goforth, Bills AFC East Champs promo, Ziggy & Zons World commercial, BPO commercial.
John Zach had a bad morning:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: Fun with iPhone apps. I was co-hosting Buffalo's Early News with John Zach, and he had a bad morning. :).
Jimmy Coyle, Jimmy Griffin, and Danny McBride:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: Around the Town is a show hosted by Danny McBride on WXRL radio. He knew my late grandpa, Jim Coyle, when they grew up in the Seneca/Babcock area. Back in 2007, Gramps was a guest on the Danny McBride show... talking about the Boys Club and the old neighborhood, and a commercial for Jimmy Griffin's last campaign ran--- Not for Mayor of Buffalo, but for Erie County Executive. Its a great spot, where he outlines his accomplishments as Mayor. I also like the part with Gramps :).
Koch's Holiday Beer:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: Radio spot for the beer produced by Dunkirk's Fred Koch Brewery from Thanksgiving to New Years. Koch's made Golden Anniversary Beer the rest of the year. This spot dates from the mid 1970s, and aired on WBEN radio.
Kaufman's Rye Bread & The Jolly Little Baker:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: The classic 1950s, 60s, and 70s Buffalo TV jingle, featuring the jolly little baker himself...
WEBR's Sound of the City:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: WEBR's classic 1960's theme song, with photos from the WNY Hertiage Press. This is one of many similar song created for radio stations around the country by the Johnny Mann Singers..
Keith Luke, WYSL 1976:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: Longtime Buffalo Radio personality and voiceover talent Keith Luke on WYSL-FM in June 1976.
The Hound's Theme Song, Man:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: Dig on this... Cozy Eggleston's "Big Heavy" was the theme song used by George "Hound Dog" Lorenz on WKBW Radio, the 50,000 watt giant in Buffalo, NY.
Boost Buffalo! Its Good For You!:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: This is the late 50s version of Talking Proud. What's the best hometown of all? Buffalo, of course. It brags about our weather, our roads, and our industry, and was all over radio and TV thru the 50s and 60s.
Talkin' Proud... aka Buffalo, We're Talking Proud:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel:Buffalo's Talkin' Proud... This is just the audio, unfortunately... I have been on a search for the arm-swinging TV spot for years. But its the full length version of the song that has us all telling America, we're a winner.
Clip Smith's Tuba Sound Effect:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: This is the Clipper's tuba sound effect, used on WGR and WBEN when he committed a horrible pun. The late Clip Smith was a sports anchor at WKBW-TV Eyewitness News Channel 7, and a talkshow host on WGR 55, and Newsradio 930 WBEN. This "clip clip" comes from the staffannouncer.com archives. We hope you have pun with it!
1940s Background:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: My favorite cart of all time, an old reel carted up in the POC Broadcasting studios c.1984. How many 7 year olds do you know who typed up their cart labels?
Buffalo's Krew Brothers Orchestra:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: Side One part Two, including the tremendous BUFFALO POLKA, as heard Friday nights on One-On-One Sports with the Bulldog on WBEN in the mid 90s.
Buffalo's Krew Brothers Orchestra:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel:CLASSIC Buffalo Polkas! Krew Brothers MIX IT UP Album Side 1, Part 1 Michael Polka, I Never Knew Polka, Don't Bother Polka. The Krew Brothers Orchestra still plays in WNY. Cuts from this album were featured Friday nights on WBEN's One-on-One Sports with the Bulldog in the 1990s..
Clint Buehlman Retires, 1977:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: WBEN-TV's coverage of the retirement of Buffalo Radio Legend Clint Buehlman after 50 years on Buffalo radio, and over 30 as the morning host on WBEN-AM. Two packages from Channel 4 here: The first, Allen Costantini talks to Clint about his life in Buffalo Radio the day before his final broadcast. The second, Vic Baker takes us through Yours Truly Buehly's final sign off.
Around the Buffalo Radio Dial 1989:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: In 1989, Newscenter 2 WGRZ-TV's Don Postles did a three part series on Buffalo Morning radio. spliced together here, he visits with Bill Lacy at WBEN, Dan Neaverth at WHTT, Sandy Beach at Majic 102, Larry Norton at 97 Rock, and Taylor and Moore at WPHD.
WBEN's Howard Simon on Empire Sports Network 1996 Part 1:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel:From the Empire Sports Network show On The Air. Howard Simon in the WBEN Elmwood Ave studios, February 1996. Steve Cichon and Rose Vaughn were Howard's producers; Dick Keane produced On the Air for Empire. Many great Empire Promos for Sabres, Bandits, Blizzard, etc; Also Art Wander/Larry Felser/Ed Kilgore show. Part 1..
Joey Reynolds and Fred Klestine vs The Gallagher Bros Part 1:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: WKBW Disc Jockeys Joey Reynolds and Fred Klestine take on the Gallagher Brothers at Memorial Auditorium, April 10, 1964. DJ Stan Roberts is the ring announcer.
Joey Reynolds and Fred Klestine vs The Gallagher Bros Part 2:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: WKBW Disc Jockeys Joey Reynolds and Fred Klestine take on the Gallagher Brothers at Memorial Auditorium, April 10, 1964. DJ Stan Roberts is the ring announcer.
Clips from WBEN-TV's Santa Show:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: An All Time Buffalo Classic, remembered by just about anyone who grew up in the 50s, 60s, or 70s! The only video known to exist from the run of the long time Channel 4 show.
Jimmy Griffin Vs Brian Meyer:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: WIVB-TV's coverage of Buffalo Mayor Jimmy Griffin pushing WBEN Radio Reporter Brian Meyer out of his office as the tape is rolling. Carol Jasen and Jacquie Walker anchor. 1988.
Sandy Beach Gives Tour of WBEN & WIVB 1988:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: Sandy Beach Gives Tour of WBEN & WIVB 1988. Shots inside the WMJQ studio, with Rob Lucas reading sports, Kelly Sinclair news, and Rick Pfeiffer, Glen Walker, Doug Smith, and Carol Jasen in the Channel 4 news room.
Sandy Beach with Irv Weinstein & Stan Roberts 1988 WMJQ:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: Sandy Beach with Irv Weinstein & Stan Roberts 1988 WMJQ. Sandy's Majic 102 morning show was being simulcast on cable TV to get folks to watch cable. Irv and Stan talk about the ol' days on WKBW.
The Very Best of Mike Robitaille:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: As the producer of "The Sharp Shooters" on WNSA Radio from 2000-2003, I worked with Mike Robitaile, Jim Kelley, Mike Schopp, and later, Howard Simon, on perhaps the finest radio program of which I've ever had the pleasure to be a part. The Sabres Pre-Pregame show ran weeknight game nights on 107.7 FM. Each year for Mike Robitaille's birthday, I'd collect some of the best Robyisms from the previous year. This is the 2001 & 2002 reels combined.
Commander Tom and Rocketship 7:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: from WKBW-TV's 35 Anniversary Special in 1993. A montage of Channel 7 childrens programming, including Commander Tom and Rocketship 7... And of course, Promo the Robot, Dustmop, and the furry burry creatures. Includes personalities like Commander Tom Jolls, Dave Thomas (known as Dave Roberts in Philadelphia), and Mike Randall.
Dialing for Dollars and AM Buffalo:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: from WKBW-TV's 35 Anniversary Special in 1993. A montage of Channel 7 daytime programming, including Dialing for Dollars and AM Buffalo. Includes personalities like Liz Dribben, Nolan Johannes, Dave Thomas, Brian Kahle, Cindy Abbott, and Linda Pellegrino. Includes Brian Kahle kicking Mayor James D. "Jimmy" Griffin off of AM Buffalo.
Irv Weinstein Tells The Early History of Channel 7:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: Hosted by Irv Weinstein, from WKBW-TV's 35 Anniversary Special in 1993. A montage of Channel 7 History set to the Eyewitness News theme, and a recounting of Channel 7's early history narrated by Linda Pellegrino.
Stan Roberts, WGR-TV Weather:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel:Stan Roberts fills in at the Weather Desk on WGR-TV Channel 2 in the mid/late 70s. With Molly McCoy and Ed Kilgore. At the end, I left the random video that was on the tape... The end of a PM Magazine episode from the same era.
Mom & Dad Cichon on Carnival Liberty 2007:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: Mom & Dad Cichon took their first Funship Cruise on Carnival Liberty in August 2007. They had a great time!!!
Steve and Monica on the High Seas:on the staffannouncer YouTube Channel: On the Carnival Imagination 2008.
Buffalo TV Tetris The Classic computer game updated for Buffalo TV fans. One game and you'll be hooked! Don't be the last one on the block to conquer the Irv Weinstein Final Round!
The Puckett Dance! Kids, its the dance sensation that's sweeping the nation... An Audio tribute to one of Buffalo's Great Radio newsmen... And My Radio tag team partner... Tom Puckett!!You must have windows Media Player installed to enjoy. Check out The Staffannouncer.com Blog for a Puckett Dance Remix!
SHANE with Sandy BeachPhotos and Audio from Shane Brother Shane's visit to the Sandy Beach Show, 2009. Danny Neaverth, too!
Remembering the 190 Tolls Warmly (!?) remembering Breckenridge and Ogden tolls, and their exact change baskets with Danny Neaverth at WKBW-TV.
Remembering Christopher Glenn and In the News The Great CBS News (and Saturday Cartoon) voice... the man behind "In the News," and the "World news Roundup" for decades.
Irv Weinstein on PM Magazine… John Beard, too! A late 1970s program, airing on Channel 4, about Irv Weinstein at work & home.
Do The Lurch! Ted Cassidy's hit record madfe during the height of his fame on The Addams Family.
Buffalo’s Shane Brother Shane– Shane Gibson What else is there to say... Except that Shane Sings. Worth a listen!!
Rock Em Sabres… The Great Anthem that rocked the Aud, and WNYB-TV 49 back in the late 80s
Buffalo’s Early TV Stars The Faces of 50s & 60s Television, as written about in the Courier-Express in 1980.
Santa Show Video, and “staffannouncer about town…” Watch a clip of the Channel 4 Classic... the only clip known to survive fromt he wildly popular show that ran nearly 20 years
WINE 1080kc… The Buffalo and Kenmore Station Hear recordings and see emphemera from 1950s Radio in Buffalo
When Radio Reporters were Real Men Jim McLaughlin was a great newsman and a bad ass, and here is the photo to prove it.
Tom Shannon explains “Wild Weekend” The Tom Shannon Theme, when he returned to WKBW Radio in the early 80s, after being in Detriot and elsewhere for two decades,
The Carl Yastrzemski Song; The Yaz Song A Boston Red Sox Classic, and one of those earworm numbers that you won't soon forget.
The Great Rick Jeanneret… Part 1 Some of RJs greatest goal calls
Rick Jeanneret, Part 2: Fights, Saves, & Great Moments Yet more of th great Rick Jeanneret
Buffalo Braves Fever with Bob McAdoo & Randy Smith The McAdoo Song... Big Mac!! Big Mac!!!
WKBW Rock’n'Roll Pioneer Remembered Perry Allen on KB with Irv Weinstein in 1958. One of Buffalo's early Rock'n'Rollers.
Steve's Silly Tourist Photos Steve's travelled the globe... And always seems to find something to take a picture of that you just won't find on a postcard.
staffannouncer.com Hall of Fame: This page started it all at staffannouncer.com. A fun look at the best of Disc Jockeys, Newsmen, Big Voices, Game Show Men and the Rest of the Best! These pages are in celebration of the pop culture icons who may not elsewhere receive their just appreciation. Filled with Biographical comments and commentary.
Meet Steve Meet your webmaster, Steve Cichon, and find out more about staffannouncer.com.
The Cichon Casino Lounge The Important ins and outs of stud and draw poker... And not that bullcrap Hold'em nonsense they play on TV.
Media Archive Catalog Thousands of sound bites, airchecks, and other audio ephemera you won't find anywhere else... From Danny Neaverth to Clint Buehlman... From Ted Darling to Van Miller... From Irv Weinstein to Mr. Dressup... From the Buffalo Bills to the Buffalo Braves... From the earliest wax recordings of the 1880s, to the latest Internet downloads, we collect them all! Quirky old records your interest? We have thousands on-line... Thousands more yet to be listed.

From Buffalo's days as a Great Lakes Cruise Ship Mecca. 1918.

Who could forget Joey, with your weekly specials from Super Duper.

JFK with Mariano Lucca, the Buffalonian who pushed to make Columbus Day a Federal Holiday.

a Buffalo Fire Department pumper, 1952.

Ed Kilgore was WGR-TV's "Man for All Seasons" for over 40 years.

Bailo's was one of Buffalo's favorite places for Beef on Weck until it burned in the late 70s.

Santa takes a break in the First Ward of Buffalo Made Barcolounger.

Chuck Lampkin, WBEN-TV, Buffalo's first black news anchor.

The much beloved Pat's Hot Dogs Drive In on Sheridan Drive in 1960.

Cheektowaga's Aero Drive-In.

It was the end of an era in Buffalo, when the Palace Burlesk put away the tassles and became the Studio Arena Theatre.

Trish Mattimore, KB Radio 15. Early 80s.

Buffalo's big Sears & Roebuck store was on Main at Jefferson. The building is now the Canisius Science building.

The disc jockeys of WBNY Radio, including Lucky Pierre and Fred Klestine.

Buffalo Mayor Frank Sedita with Eeyore on the steps of City Hall, 1966

Statler Hilton Luggage Tag, 1960s

Kevin O'Connell broadcasts live during the Blizzard of '77 on WBEN-TV

Buffalo Police Cruiser, 1981

Rick Azar for Iroqouis Beer

Malecki Sausage Chairman Ronald Malecki, c.1985. Miss those hot dogs!

Jungle Jay and the Sunday Funnies on Channel 7.

WGR-TV's Barry Lillis.

Buffalo Bob Smith and WKBW-TV's Mike Randall.

Ted Darling and Rick Jeanneret at the Aud.

Yours truly, Buehly. Clint Buehlman on his last day at WBEN 1977.

Mike Robitaille, Hockey Hotline, Empire Sports Network, mid 90s.

Freddie's Doughnuts, Main at Michigan, 1940s

Goldie Gardner and friend, WNED-TV, late 70s.

Bethlehem Steel Blast Furnace. 18,000 once worked at the Lackawanna Plant

Robert Redford, filming The Natural at the Rockpile, 1983.

Rich Kellman and Jimmy Griffin.

Bob Wells, WEBR's Host of The Hi-Teen Dancy Party at the Dellwood Ballroom.

Your Operator On, John Otto.

Gary Papa and Molly McCoy, Channel 2, late 70's.

Van Miller in his Rich Stadium perch.

was created in 2004 in an effort to start filling in some of the details of Buffalo's Radio, TV, and pop culture history on the internet. Millions of hits and hundreds of images, videos and stories later, we say we're here to tell Buffalo's stories, and celebrate our shared experiences of the past and present... everything that makes Buffalo, Buffalo! You're guaranteed to find something to jog your Buffalo memory on our pages... stories, photos, sounds and video-- all digitized from the staffannouncer archive vault-- things you won't find anywhere else.

The Publisher
Steve Cichon is a bow tie wearing Buffalonian. He's a journalist, author, historian, publisher, husband and city home owner... Basically a story teller. He loves helping the people of Western New York tell their amazing stories, especially the ones that everyone remembers.

After spending 20 years in Buffalo Radio and TV, he left as News Director at WBEN Radio to start Buffalo Stories LLC, where he helps businesses tell their stories-- with the written word and video, through public relations, social media. It also allows him more time to continue to persue the goal of staffannouncer.com-- Telling the great stories of Buffalo and it's people, and helping to ensure that our past helps pave the way for our future here.

Steve also is the author and publisher of three Buffalo History books, Gimme Jimmy! The James D. Griffin Story in his own Words and Pictures, The Complete History of Parkside, and Irv, Buffalo's Anchorman: The Irv, Rick, and Tom Story.

More From Steve:
The latest on Steve's projects

Gimme Jimmy! Mayor James D. Griffin's Story in his own Words and Pictures

Through his unequalled 16 years in office, Jimmy Griffin was the bigger-than-life, most talked about mayor in the history of Buffalo. Author Steve Cichon and Mayor Griffin’s children have selected nearly 200 photos from the personal and mayoral archives of the Griffin family, and those images are interspersed with the stories, quotes, and wisdom of James D. Griffin himself.

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The Complete History of Parkside

A history of the Frederick Law Olmsted designed neighborhood, from its place in the history of the Seneca Nation, to its role in the War of 1812, to Olmsted's design and the turn of the century building out of the area, and the neighborhood's 20th century evolutions. Included are discussions of the area's earliest colorful settlers, Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin Martin House, Delaware Park, The Buffalo Zoo, and the stories and anecdotes of many more struggles, individuals, and institutions that have made Parkside one of Buffalo's premier historic neighborhoods today.

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Irv! Buffalo's Anchorman The Irv, Rick and Tom Story

A story of a TV anchorman so universally loved in Western New York that only one name is necessary. From the 1950s through the 1990s, Irv Weinstein informed and entertained generations of Buffalonians with his unmistakable style of writing and delivering the news. Together with Rick Azar and Tom Jolls, Irv was a part of the longest running anchor team in history, and their story is the story of Buffalo over the last half century.

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Me and My Ol'Man.

My dad died at age 58. I've really become accustomed to dealing with grief by writing about the people and things I love, and what it is and why it is that I love them. Written in the weeks following my dad's death on Palm Sunday, 2010. The story of his last week alive, and a reflection of our relationship and time together. Read it here, and download it as a free e-book.

Good Ol'Max the Dog, 2001-2011.

Steve Cichon's memories of the life and times of his faithful canine companion. Filled with photos and the great stories and the sad end of it all. Read it here. Sorry. It's a tear jerker.

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